Conquer Your Fear!


Overcome your fear of English in 5 days and learn the brand of English that B.P.O. Companies are looking for. Boost your confidence and pass your job interviews!

  • Day 1. Unlearn: Change the way you look at English and understand why only 10 out of 100 Filipino applicants would pass a call center interview.
  • Day 2. Accent Neutralization: Be surprised at how new discoveries, a few techniques and a lot of practice could improve the way you sound in just 5 days!
  • Day 3. Grammar Intensive: Our unique approach in teaching grammar would help you express yourselves better. Start conversing in English in no time!
  • Day 4. Personality Development & Confidence Building: A workshop like no other! Work on your self-esteem through self-discovery, self-leadership and paradigm shift.
  • Day 5. Practical Applications: Consider this as your final assessment. This is the day when you actually Conquer Your Fear!

Takot ka ba sa English? Overcome your fear!

Class starts on May 12, 2014; Register Now!
Bring friends to get discounts! Bring more for freebies!

For inquiries:
Contact Us: *kindly include your name & age
(074) 244.7558
Visit us:
Power Source Success Academy
Baden Powell Hotel
#26 Gov. Pack Rd., Baguio City, 2600

Job opportunities with our partner centers after the training!



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