Haters at the Workplace

You feel it in your gut. There are haters among us at the workplace. Sarcastic, cruel and judgmental. It starts with nasty remarks that escalate to bullying. It just isn’t healthy going to work anymore!

How do you spot a hater?

  1. They Criticize: Criticisms are good – your friends do that sometimes – but when someone does it in public then you probably have a hater in the workplace.
  2. They Compare: Comparing themselves to others and putting them down- these haters think that the more they put someone down – the more next level they become – there is just not enough sun for everyone for these people.Be careful.
  3.  They Gossip: Gossip and bad mouthing – it’s not enough that they put someone down with their negativity and insults – they also do it in their victim’s absence – building an army of people who hate – a bunch of workplace bullies. Misery really likes company.

So why do these workplace monster’s hate?

  1. Success: No matter how small a milestone it could be a success is still a success- compliments and a job well done – this ticks a hater off and they will be on to their next prey!
  2. Hurt: Because hurt people hurt people – Sometimes, their hate has really nothing to do with how they feel about you – most of the time it’s just a reflection of how they feel about themselves – weak, inferior and unworthy. Haters gonna hate, regardless.
  3. Jealousy: Haters hate on their prey because they’re doing the things that they cannot do, will not do – because they’re too entitled, or plainly just too afraid to attempt.

But these are people that at least 1/3 of each day are spent with and as much as retaliating and getting even are the more pleasurable response; let’s come up with better ways to deal with them and keep our bliss at the workplace.

  1. Don’t take things to heart: sometimes there’s a little truth in what these haters say – take it as a form of feedback and improve your self- but for everything else – especially the negativity – just ignore.
  2. Don’t reciprocate and don’t apologize either: There are places where you can discuss things but a haters favorite place will be in front of an audience – being the attention seekers and drama queens that they are – don’t give it to them. Grace has more effect than beauty. There’s always a time and place for everything.
  3. Kill them with kindness: As much as you require respect – it’s something that haters deserve as well – and no matter how annoying they become – don’t stop at being great. They are a natural part of every work place – they criticize when your new, they hate you when your good – but they will admire you when you’re great.

Haters will hate, regardless. As long as you’re on to something great there will be haters. There are things you can do to avoid them: Stay at the background, don’t do anything extraordinary, don’t set goals and just be average. Will it be worth it though? Your answer is as good as mine. Cheers! and always have fun at work.



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