We have been there… that space of frustration and hopelessness. When little by little, your self confidence and courage diminishes because of endless failures and rejections.

Although we do have our dream jobs and ideal workplaces, sometimes, we just need to surrender to what the universe is offering and faithfully  start our journey to our becoming.

Unicorns are magical creatures born from experiences and dreams. In our world, these are people who possess an odd combination of  two or more sometimes very common skills – a hiker who could write, a teacher who could build, an accountant who travels…  Maybe the universe is trying to turn you into a unicorn. Gather experiences, learn from anything and anyone, keep growing and be grateful.

Opportunities and problems are two parallel realities… choose to see the positive and the good in everything and everyone… What may seem to you as a dead end could be a start… a rejection could be a favor…

The job for you could be closer than you think… Don’t quit your daydream! #EmpowerYourself! Always remember that where there is no work, there is no dignity.

NauticalLet us help you get a job!

Send us a message 0915.995.0973.

Send us your resume: PowerSourceAcademy@gmail.com.

Connect through facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powersourceacademy/

Visit us: Bayanihan Heritage Library, 4F Bayanihan Building, Otek Street, Baguio City.


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