My Journey

I am a story teller.

Once upon a time, not so long ago…

I realized that if you wanted something so bad the universe pulls you out of that space you call comfort and brings you right where you needed to start.

It is not at all comfortable; defeat, helplessness, birthpains and void.

With this nothingness, the only thing left would be a vision and a decision.

With nothing left to lose I had a choice:

“Should I choose a “have to” or a “want to”.

All signs were just signs…

There was a battle between that persistent dream and valid excuses not to go for it;

Good signs are reminders of what you have always wanted to do, and bad signs are just excuses.

There was a very thin line between diligence and surrender;

Trying too much, too hard to get to the goal.

The answer is congruence.

I learned effortless ease…

I rediscovered the power of surrender.

And today, I am yet again in another beginning, of another dream…

I am grateful.


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